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Running from avalanches

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Test and Tune Tarifa

How we get our gear in gear for the 2015 season



About 40 uears ago on Oahu´s North Shore is where it all begun. From the emerging talent of a young surfer/shaper and a family came some of the finest and well crafted surf/windsurf board designs!

Fast forwarding some years, Josh has carried on the Legendary Angulo family name leaving his stamp firmly planted in windsurfing, with such feats as being the frirst to ever windsurf “JAWS”, 2 Windsurfing World Titles, and groundbreaking exploits in the North Atlantic’s Cabo Verde islands.

Today the Angulo name is being carried out through Angulo Boards, which still this day stands for the best shapes available along with top level quality in windsurf and SUP board design.



Angulo Hawaii SUP boards, Authentic board building since 1968.
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Josh’s getting inform for the season

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Since I’ve been home from Tarifa there’s been some typical windy /gusty and light/gusty conditions that I often get at my home spot of Nahant. After a week of sailing…

Josh fired up the sail

Josh and Pieter test and tune it up in Tarifa.

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Just like last year, Josh and Pieter get together before the season. This in order to go push the limits of them selfs as well as the gear we use….

Another floaty aerial.

“Running from avalanches”

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I flew out of Boston just hours before the first heavy snow storm hit end of Jan. This storm was followed by 3 more and Boston received the most snowfall…

Henning Action

Henning Voges, reports on his 2014 season in the Spanish Cup.

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Below here we have a few words by Henning himself explaining the 2014 season. Thanks a lot Henning for the update!! 2014 is nearly over, its time to summarize the…